VT-255-L-R 250 μL


For Agilent and MGI Tech Automation Systems

Researchers are working diligently to gain greater insight and a better understanding of SARS-CoV-2
(COVID-19). It all starts with having the right tools for the job. Robotic tips are critical for the scientific
discovery process when it comes to high throughput diagnostic workflows and research-based testing
for COVID-19.
The new Axygen® Maxymum Recovery® tips have been developed to work with the Agilent/Velocity11
and MGI Tech automation systems, which can be enabled for the high throughput of magnetic beadbased
RNA extraction of biological samples or pre-configured and qualified to automate high throughput
pre-PCR samples.


Features and Benefits

◗ Tip format: 96 tips
◗ Tip volume range: Up to 250 μL
◗ Tip material: Clear polypropylene
◗ RNase-/DNase-/human gDNA-free
◗ Non-pyrogenic
◗ Available options:
– With or without aerosol-resistant filters
– Non-sterile or sterile
– Axygen Maxymum Recovery surface
◗ Compatibility:
– Bravo automated liquid handling platform
– VPrep® vertical liquid handling pipetting station
– MGISP-960
– MGISP-100

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